Living in a Global Village (feautre-length Documentary)

A group of visionaries and students returns to the dismantled Milan Expo, to reimagine the site as a platform to solve contemporary problems.

Upon completion of the movie and submissions to film festivals, “Living in a Global Village”, became an official selection at the Lombardy Film Festival in Milan, ICFF Canada - Italian Contemporary Film Festival, International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan. In February of 2019, Living in a Global Village, signed a distribution deal with Indie Rights Inc., based in Los Angeles, and is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi.

The documentary was accepted into the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in Milan, and was nominated for three awards: Best Editing of a Feature Documentary, Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary, Best Director of a Feature Documentary.

FWoL Behind the Scenes 4.jpg